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Latin American dance

The Latin dance- and music culture has spread like a warm breeze throughout Denmark for the past 15 years. All kinds of Salsa, Reggaetón, Zumba, Samba and Tango is being danced, in even the smallest towns all over Denmark.

The need for more information about the exotic culture is ever growing. Project manager, Stine Ortvad, of Cuban Culture Club, has taken this upon herself, and the work she's done is the main reason, why there've been more than 10 occasions of the Copenhagen Latin Festival.


This festival is build on a wish to promote the understanding between cultures and integration, along with giving the Danish residents with a different ethnic background, and artists from different countries, the opportunity to be inspired by the art of one another.

The purpose of the festival is to inspire all visitors, to be influenced by the rhythmic energy and power, which are in the Latin American music and dance, and at the same time encourage the latinos living in Denmark, to be a bigger part of their own culture. The local latinos should also be a bigger part of their own music and dance, which the entire Danish community could benefit from, so we can inspire each other in the everyday life.

Copenhagen needs an event, which can show an authentic and realistic picture of the Latin American culture. There's need for a festival to inform and teach youngsters, as well as elderly about the Latin American culture, and thereby create a bigger intercultural understanding. Therefore we look forward to opening the doors in October, and once again there will be plenty of opportunity to get the feeling of the Latin American part of the world, through the music and dance.

La fiesta comienza

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