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★ ★ Latin Festival 2018 in Copenhagen ★ ★

MAYKEL BLANCO CONCERT, Saturday 29th of September

We will have the fabulous Cuban band Maykel Blanco at DR koncerthuset. Book your tickets here now, before they are sold out!


★★ Ticket price: 350 kr. ★★

Maykel Blanco is one of the big names on the Timba stage today. A full pleasant evening with music and dance. When the big 15 man orchestra takes the stage in the concert hall, it becomes impossible to stand still. His music comes from the heart and it’s a reflection of the richness and variety of rhythms, joy and stamina of the entire Cuban culture.

More information about the concert here.


DINNER AND AFTERPARTY AT CLUB MAMBO. If you bring your concert ticket you only pay half price in the entrance to the afterparty and get a free drink.

★★ Ticket price 200 kr. ★★

- Sign up for dinner and afterparty here.

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